15 May 2013

Countdown to cycling challenge

Preparations for BIKE@HYMS have just gone up a gear (excuse the pun) as our team of intrepid cyclists took part in the Wiggy 300 road 'audax' event on Saturday.

Starting at Wigginton Village, just north of York, at 5am, eight of the BIKE@HYMS team got together for the first time and cycled 302 kilometres (187 miles) from Wigginton to Pocklington, Malton, Ripon, Richmond, Stokesley, Helmsley, Brandsby and back to Wigginton.

"It was a great opportunity for us all to get together and ride as a group," said organiser Paul Scott, HYMS Manager of Learning Resources. "It was good to put faces to names and we had plenty of time for a good chat whilst we were out riding.

"The stats from the ride show that if we ride at a similar pace when we tackle the 250 we should certainly be within 24 hours, which is great news! Our stops were fairly long but then we didn’t have a time limit, and who could resist the temptation of a full English breakfast, pizza and other delights after a long day of riding!"

As well as Paul, the group consisted of HYMS staff, students and alumni – Neil Cattell (HYMS alumnus currently in his second foundation year in Belfast), Simon Smith (an extended scope physiotherapist working in the NHS in York), Jon Bateman (HYMS Educational Applications Officer), Jonathan Bynoe (a HYMS PBL tutor in Hull, Jeffrey Barber (an IT support Officer in York), Charlie Rowland (a forth year medical student at HYMS) and Giles Davidson (HYMS Head of Administration). 

Giles added: "Major respect to Neil who cycled the last 30 miles or so (these were the hilly ones) with no rear mech – just one rather stiff looking gear – and still stopped to offer Good Samaritan assistance to a passing stranger."

The team has now reached over £500 in sponsorship towards its target of £3,000. Please help to support the BIKE@HYMS team by by logging on to: http://www.justgiving.com/bikehyms/ to make a donation. You can also share the link with friends and colleagues and encourage them to lend their support too!

Don’t forget all the money raised goes to hospices within our area and to student bursaries and offering to gift aid your donation increases your gift by 25% - at no extra cost to you.

BIKE@HYMS takes place on Friday 7 June. The cyclists will leave Castle Hill Hospital at midday on the 7th and arrive back the following day at about the same time. If anyone would like to see them off or meet them on their return, your support would be most welcome.