29 January 2015

College launches first-ever national video to promote general practice

The Royal College of GPs have launched the first-ever national recruitment video to encourage medical students to choose general practice as a career.


The video highlights the diverse career opportunities available to GPs and shows the intellectual stimulation, leadership, autonomy – and exciting challenges – that GPs enjoy in everyday practice.

Through the video, the College aims to tackle the negative media stereotypes, which at times portray general practice as less stimulating and exciting than other medical careers.

The College hopes that this will play a key role in helping the UK recruit the additional 10,000 GPs the College estimates will be needed by 2020, in order to meet the needs of an ageing and growing population, with an increasing number of patients needing treatment for multiple and complex illnesses.

Hitting the road to recruit more GPs

In addition to the video a series of 16 events organised by the Royal College of General Practitioners and Health Education England will take place across England, running from 28 Jan-19 March. They will provide medical students and professionals, who are considering general practice as a career, with an opportunity to really understand life as a GP and the many exciting opportunities that general practice offers. They will also provide a chance to hear about the unique and varied role that GPs have in the NHS, to ask questions and to meet with fellow attendees.

For more information, or to book, please contact Hannah Chippendale
Email: Hannah.Chippendale@rcgp.org.uk
Phone: 0203 188 7576