09 June 2013

BIKE smashes fundraising target

Congratulations to the BIKE@HYMS team which completed a gruelling 250 miles in 24 hours, raising a fantastic £3529 for charity.

The team of 11, which set out from Castle Hill Hospital, Hull, at noon on Friday, rode all around the HYMS patch, visiting the main HYMS teaching sites, before arriving back at the starting point 24 hours later. The route included Scarborough, York, Goole, Scunthorpe and Grimsby.

The team in fact completed 251.1 miles in 23 hours and six minutes, so they also beat their target of completing the ride in 24 hours. Their average speed was 10.9 miles per hour. 

Paul Scott, who organised the ride, said: "I’m really proud of what we’ve manage to achieve and smashing our fundraising target is really the icing on the cake. We all worked together as a team which meant that we were able to stay together as a group and we all managed to complete the challenge. Also I think I can safely say that we all really enjoyed ourselves and had some laughs along the way." 

The riders included: Benjamin Snowden, final year HYMS student; Jon Bateman, HYMS eLearning team, Tim Franklin, Strategic Systems Programme Manager, University of York; Jonathan Bynoe, HYMS Phase 1 Core Curriculum Tutor; Simon Smith, Physiotherapist; Charlie Rowland, HYMS student, Giles Davidson, Head of Administration, Neil Cattell, Doctor, Jeffrey Barber, HYMS IT support and Sean Bennett, Consultant Anaesthetist.

They were backed up by a team including Drew Foster, University of York Trials Unit Manager, John Busby, of the University of York’s Registrar’s and Planning Office, Adrian Murgatroyd, HYMS Finance Manager, Lisa Schubert, Research Support Officer; Joanne Richmond, Assistant to Education Manager, Richard Nicholson, BSc/SSC Programme Officer; and Gwen Irving, HYMS Student Office Manager.

Head of Administration Giles Davidson thanked Paul for his effort. "BIKE@HYMS was Paul’s brainchild. He took the lion’s share of the work in organising the ride and led us on the road. A brilliant concept, expertly executed."

Giles also paid tribute to the back up team supporting the cyclists and all the people on the HYMS clinical sites who welcomed the riders throughout BIKE@HYMS. "Student Liaison Officer Ellie Johnston put on a fantastic spread in Scarborough," he said, adding thanks to Paul Gibson Simpson, also an SLO, who turned out in York at 10pm to provide refreshments. "You kept us going and made the ride possible," he added. 

A special thank you to our main sponsors: Phil Moses, of Beerhouse Self Drive in Hull (www.beerhouse.co.uk); David Duncan and colleagues at the University of York; John Chapman, Rachel Stephenson and Sue Hirschfield at The University of Hull; Steve Heath, of Wallis Business Services; Michael Jeffries of HCI and Catherine Griffin of Echo Research. Also, many thanks to Richard Schumacher at Fulford Cycles (though we didn't need any of the spares he lent us!).